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State of Raf

10 September 2022

I am a long-life enthusiast / I genuinely enjoy worth-making innovation

My approach to design is holistic, where expectations are high, details are essential as edge cases, and everything is connected through commitment.

Progress is never done.

People and their experiences are at the base on which I prioritise quality and inclusive execution.

This is me, a small part of the orchestra I engage with that makes everything fun: teammates, users, stakeholders; humans. I thrive among unique, talented individuals. I inspire positivity and energy with colleagues and within organisations.

And I’m energised by the unwritten possibilities in our field. But work does not define me—friends, travel, food, music, spice, attitude, and a genuine sense of care do.

I like working directly with solid and innovative brands and stakeholders, including Apple, Notion, Zalando, amd various exciting startups, and scale-ups.

Tangible outputs of my work vary, but what I enjoy most is never ending, systematic approach to:

- Systemic Product Design / solving complex UX and UI challenges with unique, consistent interfaces

- Experience design / simply consider all possible cases, and focus on not creating friction or oddities

- Strategic Storytelling / identifying, articulating and focusing on building the true vision where design without storytelling is just pixel  with pitches, video and engaging stories

- Branding / building a new business from scratch with thoughtful, appropriate identity worth creating for generating circular value

Currently i'm not looking for opportunities, but happy to connect, just take a minute to send me an email.

Thankfully inspired by the coffee at Marquise (Uncommon Guide to Lisbon's Gems coming soon) and Michael


how you do anything is how you do everything