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Purposeful Tech Stack

07 August 2022

"OK, tech stack. Let's steal some new tools to feast our eyes on".


I wrote 'Purposeful' for a reason, which is the article's thread — the purposefulness of choosing software, and not the other way around. 

Last year I published on Medium (Bootcamp pub., from UX Collective) my edition of the "Tech Awards". Changing and improving our work, breaking a habit and establishing a new one is difficult if you are not immediately among the early adopters (1). 

How and what am I working with, and how does what is online make sense offline? 


Why Purposeful?

Cron is a Calendar app that was immediately popular for its elegance and good UI. If there is one thing that makes me think of Cron, it is that it is 'noiseless'. Everything has a reason. I hope the Raphael team post Notion acquisition can get the mobile app out soon (it's quite a challenge to solve, I've also seen the Daybridge guys get busy, but I can't leave Cron). 

100+ for the sharing availabilities feature a killer feature that ultimately made me delete SavvyCal for my use. 


Why Purposeful?

Because in offline life, when I'm writing or journaling (Karst, great notebooks), I sometimes think of Craft. It's software that goes beyond online; it's an intimate space to write in. To write. Writing without a pen. It's miles above it. I partially 'migrated' my knowledge base to Craft from Notion. 


Why Purposeful?

Notion is a love affair that never ends. It has been 'standardised' and has made my use of Notion easier. From when I was an early adopter (about four years ago) to today, all the new features introduced always keep me coming back to how powerful Notion still is. Everyone is on Notion, and collaboration makes a lot of sense. And then, I have worked and been in contact with them for a long time, especially in the community. It's software far beyond code.


Why Purposeful?

"I'll send you a Loom" is a state of mind. Both as a work and a thought. In the spirit of being 'present, wherever you are, Loom overcomes all the obstacles of making this presence happen and being healthy. That's great.   


Why Purposeful?

Web Design has never been so joyful. This tweet of me testing the early alpha (Nov 2021) is still very accurate. There is no more fun and relaxing way to create magic with Framer. And I say create magic because these tools are fine for a medium. Website? OK, you can use it. I open it sometimes to use it and see the UI changes. It is a simple command centre, as intuitive as it is powerful.


Why Purposeful?

Because sending messages is boring. And worse, boring that centralises on the platform. Texts handle all messages, and although still quite buggy and with an unstable TestFlight, let me tell you, it is the most long-standing problem we have to solve. And that the business does not want to translate it for obvious reasons. But there is purpose in Texts for sure. 


Why Purposeful?

I could delete all my apps but not Headspace. I would buy a physical device just for Headspace. It is the most useful, motivational, pleasant and relaxing thing for me. Beyond meditation. The quality of my emotional health affects everything, and having Headspace with me is awesome.


Why is it purposeful?

Because we are surrounded by noise, noise damages our health very slowly. Since my 'Product Critiques' series (2019), where I mentioned Endel and Oleg's fantastic work, at the time with only four modes and nothing else, the product has achieved great things. There is nothing more purposeful in the scenarios, which based on what we know we have to do, give us audio inspiration with personal soundscapes.

What's purposeful to you in physical products?

What products have changed the way you perceive/solve a problem?

Stay cool meanwhile,

Until next time,


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