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Shipping products and PRDs

11 June 2022

My ambition and attraction for canvases, templates, and how-tos have been drastically erased over the years by the real-world experience and the one-size-never-fits-all. 

You have to navigate your way through the jungle; you have to make a compromise between framing and delivery, speed and scale, production and performance. 

What is it for a PRD? And why should I care about it?? 

There is one thing that, even before roadmaps, sprints, agile, tickets, and epics, I want to leave you with.

The moment you leave a trail, you are deciding.

This is my personal PRD, which can probably help you but which I encourage you to change and explore.

The moment you decide, you are intentional. It's not about being right or wrong; it's about rationalising your intuition. 

This intuition, when rationalised, is questionable and actionable by other people who may or may not see it differently.

Silly example: I went from being at first the "ow, and we could also add X to Y" when I am now much more focused on secondary edge cases, using what we already have on our system and getting all together with a clear V1 scope. 


how you do anything is how you do everything