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It all starts somewhere.

26 May 2022

My attempt to fill this blog is to start from the present moment.

Each one of us professionally and as a person is the sum and result of past experiences and people we have frequented.

"It would be impossible (and boring?) to go through a stream of consciousness when the thing that matters now is who I am now." 

I am sure my mindset in talking about products and shipping and tech and getting excited has changed and evolved a lot. No fancy buzzwords, I promise. 

I'm getting excited about documenting my life and my thoughts.

Of course, there will be some work-related questions, on the craft of my design, feedback & such. This and beyond.

I'm so grateful of the life I'm living, while still imagining that simplicity is in small pleasure.

More to come soon,

Heading back to NYC next week with the team, and then back to sunny Lisbon.

Glory doesn't come from those who waits


how you do anything is how you do everything