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Feeling of Belonging

22 October 2022

chair and an office

When you feel a sense of truly belonging?

I have given a lot of thought to this meaning in the past month that I have been in America. I visited Portland, worked from Los Angeles, saw friends for the first time in San Francisco.

From the things I missed at home in Lisbon, to the new places I saw that gave me goose bumps; the emotions I felt went beyond mere pleasure.

Although I have never been, and in some cases have never seen some places before, a sense of belonging for me equates to belonging in an extreme sense. Of deep sense of care, no matter if it is a person, an object, a place.

Being at peace, doing the best, achieving flow.

WeWork, Mission St, San Francisco

  Store, Stanford 

Notion HQ, San Francisco

WeWork, Salesforce Tower, San Francisco


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